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Saint Pierre aux liens

1 Renaissance façade, c. 1475
2 Portico
3 Entrance to the excavations
4 Marble portal
5 Nave
6 Side aisles
7 Transept
8 Apse
9 Side apses
10 Remains of the early entrance
11 Fresco, The Miracle of the Chains
12 Sant'Agostino by Guercino (?)
13 Tomb of Cardinal Margotti by Domenichino
14 Copy of The Liberation of St Peter
15 Tomb of Cardinal Agucchia by Domenichino
16 Cenotaph of Pope Julius II (incl. Michelangelo's Moses
17 Santa Margherita by Guercino, 17th century
18 Confessio
19 High altar
20 Tomb of Don Giulio Gorio
21 Monument to P.M. Vecchiarelli
22 Mosaic of St Sebastian
23 Monument to C. Aldobrandini
24 Christ Taken down from the Cross, by Il Pomeranico
25 Tomb of Nicolò Cardinal da Cusa (died 1464), by Andrea Bregno
26 Tombs of Antonio and Piero Pollaiulolo, by Luigi Capponi
27 Antechamber to the sacristy, w/ souvenir shop
28 Sacristy w/ fresco by Domenichino, 1604
29 Cloister, 1489-1503